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  1. KitsuneTailsPrower

    [JASS/AI] Adding more than 11 buildable structures to a unit

    This isn't really a tutorial. Its more of a collection of my findings on this subject. 1: You can have about 200 buildable structures on a unit. However players can only see the first 11 on the menu. You can order the construction of the others via issue order triggers. If you wish to mass add...
  2. 18 boys on zeppie.png

    18 boys on zeppie.png

    The boys prepare for vacation, only question the ride.
  3. Mag'har Peon

    Mag'har Peon

  4. Lordliw

    Peasant Icon in the bottom left corner

    Hello. You guys know when there are available workers not working? And then their icons show in the bottom left corner? Well I wanna know how I can change it to a different icon. Thanks in forwards to those that answer. :grin:
  5. vneck

    [General] How do I give Peons a Sack of Gold?

    Hey, so basically I want to attach the harvested gold to a peon unit, without it actually harvesting anything. I'm currently using a trigger that repeats the "Walk Gold" Animation every 0.06 seconds but that has weird side effects. Thanks in advance! edit: I found out how it works (add...
  6. arcanetower

    Detect Worker Carrying Resource

    Is there a way to detect when a worker has resources via trigger or other means? I've tried "when unit casts/channels ability" on Harvest but it doesn't work. Ultimately I just want the peasant to drop gold/lumber if it's killed while carrying it.
  7. MSTVD

    How to make a secondary build menu?

    So I want to experiment a bit with a human peasant and tried to make a secondary build menu for "advanced buildings" using the BTNAdvStruct icon I tried looking up tutorials and I cannot find anything, can someone please help me or redirect me?
  8. BrothForMyPeople

    Smooth placement of buildings

    Is there possibility to raise a building on unrestricted place in-game? I mean WC3 alpha style or Age of Mythology, Cossacks European Wars either.
  9. NEL

    Custom Peon Model

    Each peon has a different skin color. These Peon Models I need for my map > Gold Peon > White Peon > Blue Peon > and, Brown Peon