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patch problems

  1. Appreauntis

    Which patch would you recommend as the most stable for lan on the same network?

    Hello, I realize that this may be hard to quantify, possibly. But like I asked in the title, would any of the members of this site have an idea of which patch may be the most stable in regards to playing on lan (such as not desyncing on longer maps), specifically playing on lan with multiple...
  2. Reddourufu

    1.31 - Mod folder

    Hello everyone ! Since patch 1.31, it’s messy. The custom folder for Mods “war3mod.mpq” no longer works, so no mods anymore and obligation to import custom resources one by one with the import manager which is a terribly laborious process. Please if you know anything about that, tell me. I’m so...
  3. Postimmortal

    New Patch New Problems.

    Hi all ! Sorry this is my first Forum post in my life so i hope i put everything in the right place and you can understand it ;) :eek: But now i really need some help. I had a version of Warcraft 1.07 and i made a map with custom abilities triggers etc. In orded to do more complex triggering...