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  1. ComeWithMe

    Finding address offsets for Warcraft 3 1.27b

    Hi there, My idea is just to modify old Dota Allstars 6.83d map and inject a kind of anti map hack system inside it. There is a lot of source code of map hacks for 1.26 version of the game, where we can see what offsets are changed and that's why this hack works. But there are no free...
  2. Firsk

    Point with offset!?

    I've been playing around with distance to target, and I can't understand this one... The idea, is a TD with "preset" selectable dummies. But for some reason, the distance gets all weird, and each player gets different results!? For Player 1, the above tower is removed. Player 2 lacks the...
  3. Uncle

    [Solved] Does this leak? Setting a point to be equal to itself offset by a distance

    Quick question. In this trigger does tempPoint[0] leak? I'm curious about this line "Set tempPoint[0] = (tempPoint[0] offset by (_0, _n3))", setting it to itself plus an offset, does this cause a leak in regards to it's previous position? Untitled Trigger 001 Events Conditions...
  4. Ofel

    Special effect orientation with offset

    How to make an effect face an angle with offset to its roll and pitch? For example, an effect's 3D orientation is facing a unit's head, but I want to make it face a little up and a little left of it's current orientation (pitch and roll). And what is the formula to set an effect facing (the...
  5. SharSash

    [Trigger] Making unit move towards point with polar offset

    So, I've made a spell based on channel with point-target. The idea of the spell is that it creates a dummy with locusts and this dummy must go into target point of abillity beign cast direction untill it reaches the edge of playable map area and dies after. But the problem is that unit goes only...
  6. Furry Nova

    [JASS] Getting Correct real Rotation

    I've decided to start making my own spells in JASS. So far I'm creating spawn target points with Polar Offset based from the cast click point. I've followed this guide but it's a little difficult since I'm not very knowledgeable with geometry Math. So I'm taking it one step at a time. This is...
  7. Woodenplank

    [Solved] Spawning Effects in a circular lines

    Not sure if the title is misleading, but I'll make a drawing to demonstrate the issue. I'm trying to get Holy Light special effects (actually just a unit with the holy light model) to spawn in seven lines of 3 effects in a circle (see drawing in Spoiler) A Hero casts a point-targeted spell...