1. Captain_Teemo

    Need assistance i can't figure out how to make text appear when hovering over something

    Hi, I'm trying to create signs that will display text to the one hovering over the sign with their mouse. A good example of what i'm talking about is how floor signs work in Origin Z. I only want the text to show for the one hovering over the sign as this will be used for teleporters and having...
  2. Cheshire

    [Import] update custom map to new patch

    hey, I started creating a map on WE 1.20, and recently updated to patch 1.31.1. my problem is that all the standard data is in the version of the old patch, and so in essence my map is a very outdated 1.20 map. Is there a way to export>import only my custom data, but have all the standard...
  3. EggPooPoo

    How to get your imports for all maps in Campaign?

    Ah not sure how to best word the title with the limited character space. Basically I used to always see in people's campaigns as a kid back in 2005, they would have say a campaign called Joe's Quest or Return of the Dragons, and they had say 15 maps to the campaign. BUT, here's the rub. I...
  4. Gmk

    Problem exportin/importing from campaigns/custom maps objet table

    My english isnt the best so sorry. I was finding a way to rip specially custom races for my own campaigns (moslty for fun, i dont think what i can made some good to post) but i am getting a lot of troubles with it. Actually it generate a very small file when i export and when import just a few...