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  1. Wolf, Scavenger, and Bloodfly

    Wolf, Scavenger, and Bloodfly

    Animals and Monsters from Gothic 1, as seen in my SC:BW mod that turns Gothic into a real time strategy game.
  2. Swamp Camp Units

    Swamp Camp Units

    Units of the Sect Camp from Gothic 1, in RTS form (StarCraft: Broodwar Mod).
  3. Recklessness

    Flame Nova ability not working properly

    Essentially, I am trying to create the following spell : Flame Nova: Cause a nova of fire to explode outwards from the targeted area dealing (1.5 x Intelligence) damage to all units caught within. Additionally, units caught within flame nova are set Ablaze and will explode after 3 seconds...
  4. Fauhyde

    I don't know how to fix these errors.

    I'm new to map making, but I really want to get into it, and make stuff, but I haven't been able to get a single model I've downloaded from this site to work right, they will show up in the editor as green boxes, and will showup untextured, or in an array of chaos in MatrixEater, or other Model...
  5. Recklessness

    No idea how to do this trigger

    So I want to know if it is possible to make a GUI trigger that will modify a heroes attributes constantly based off of his other attributes. For example one of my heroes has a passive that increases his Agility by 20% of whatever his Strength is. Problem is I cant figure out a way to make that...
  6. S

    Very simple models

    I will (At-least) try to make my first race by modeling in Blender! And by "very simple models" is that the textures are *Really Basic*. I'll upload a picture of how they will look like and ask, should i use them for myself? This is gonna be the first time i'll make some models for WC3 and i...