1. PayWithLove

    [HD/Misc] Match Found Alert Mod. Please create

    Hey everyone, big fan of W3 Multiplayer for like 20 years ! But myself and others occasionally miss the match found sound and miss a game. So I was wondering if anyone is able to make a better alert for this or desktop notification of some kind? It would be great to have it forwarded to a cell...
  2. Cheshire

    [General] to not hear -"your building is complete"

    Hey, how can I disable the "building complete" notification for 1 type of builder/building (but not for the map in general)? I assume this is really simple but I couldn't find the handle.. thanks!
  3. deepstrasz

    Contest (+polls) announcements flagrantly visible plus notification?

    Please? :D If it's possible for them to be bigger or something, that would be neat.