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  1. Cheshire

    [Solved] models not appearing in map

    hey there, I'm back to modding after a few months of not touching it and I seem to be a little rusty. I created a map with a bunch of custom models and had everything up and running. then I transferred everything to a new map and now a lot of the models are not appearing even though I...
  2. u wot m8_

    [Solved] Map not appearing in folder

    I've noticed that i can't find the more recent maps i've made in the folder i saved them in. I can find and open them through the editor's open ability, but when i am using the normal windows explorer, they're nowhere to be found. I've tried dragging the maps from the editor's open screen to my...
  3. Inseer

    [Resolved] Maps not showing/appearing

    Hello! I downloaded several maps recently from here (hive workshop) and some of them do not appear while in-game. Nor in "Single Player -> Custom" Map, nor in "LAN -> Create Map". Here is a small list of some of the maps that do not appear: - (6)CastleFight_ES1.30_sl.w3x - Founders Of The...