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noob case

  1. EmnoS

    [Spell] Copying and Pasting Units/Spells

    So I'm doing a learning with custom abilities and up until now everything went great the tutorials here are god damn amazing. But I just copied a "buff" and just pasted it to copy all its properties without having to redo everything if I want a variation of it but only change one thing. And my...
  2. Recklessness

    Make Spacebar center on Hero

    Good morning, I have been looking around for a trigger or maybe someone knows a simpler way of making it so when u press spacebar the camera centers on your hero 1 similarly to what F1 does. Is that possible? I am in the middle of finishing a MOBA and that is one of the last things I want for it.
  3. Kakorin(KvS)

    [General] Any way to recover an ability from a Hashtable?

    I really want to know how can i. I want it for my invoker hero, wich needs to recover an ability to remove it. Like this : Set Variable - InvokedAbility = Load 5 from Triggering Unit from Hashtable. Unit - Remove Ability - InvokedAbility
  4. blackRaTTeN

    Random models?

    Hey everyone I'm a newbie map maker and i'm working on a really cool td-like map. I wanted to make my "castle" (more like a tavern) spit out workers, but every time the model of a worker is different. I want to have a limit of 4 workers too. Could you help me with both of those things? Thanks...
  5. torrific

    [Solved] trigger help

    Hello, I am quite new to this site so I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong section. I was wondering if anyone could help me with some trigger work. I have created 4 mini bosses that when defeated I want to spawn a unit at a target location that when defeated as well drops an item that makes...