1. Fransisco Wijaya

    [Node.js] TypeScript, TypeORM, GraphQL masters, hear my call!

    I need you to review my code, please suggest a good project structure, efficiency, modularity etc. This project is in progress, so there's no big things to show. Right to the REPO!
  2. Abyssion

    [General] Leaderboard for Specific Units

    Hello hive, I am creating a 3v3 custom game where there are 2 optional points on the map that can be captured and contested. These nodes give the controlling forces some kind of bonus. I want to make a leaderboard of which force (not team) is in control of a node. want it to appear in the top...
  3. Azsure

    [Solved] Trigger Loop not meeting condition goes endlessly, causing CTD

    Hi, I needed some assitance with a code I just made up now, not only does it not do what I intended it to, but it seems that the conditions are never met and thus causing an endless loop that cause a imminent CTD. The trigger is as follows: There are 6 regions in the map, a RNG will determine...