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  1. Owl Order

    Owl Order

    I'm still struggling to create the portrait for the owlbear.
  2. BTNResistNature.png


    We must safeguard our land! For Kalimdor!
  3. hbxycjx

    [HD/Modeling] Straight Back NE Archer Model Requested

    There are currently straight back versions of BE archer and ranger on forums and they look pretty nice. Pity I never find one of NE archer. I tried to duplicate the animations of BE archer to NE archer model, but the game just cannot load it normally. So I think I’ve got no alternatives but to...
  4. Kemayo

    Highelf Huntress/Highelf Lieutenant

    Could someone please create a Highelf version of the Bloodelf Lieutenant aswell as the Nightelf Huntress? Including Icons please. I'd much appreciate the effort!
  5. stein123

    Huntress / Watcher reskin/rewrap

    Hey everybody! i was wonderin if someone could help me with a reskin request? can someone help me reskining these Night Elf models: Watcher and Derivatives Watcher and Derivatives Dismounted Huntress, using this skin: NightElfSentinel.blp, but only for the body (nor the weapons or mount :v)...
  6. Thiiago

    Just an Watcher male..

    I need just an NE model Watcher with an more "male" elf body.. understand? for fit well in an Dark Elf Rogue model thats i have.. Anyone can help-me? plss