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  1. HerlySQR

    How can I make my map brighter?

    I was noticing that in my map is very difficult see something when is at night, so I wanna know if there is a way to make it brighter, something like disabling the illumination in the World Editor but still noticing the day and night cycles, something similar, but not exactly equal to this...
  2. Heroes at first tavern of Dark Side on Dota map

    Heroes at first tavern of Dark Side on Dota map

    Twelve new icons at first tavern of Dark Side on Dota map. Some of them you can find at my resource section.
  3. Cheshire

    [General] change sight radius to unit default

    hey, is there a way to change the sight radius of a unit to the default sight radius of a different unit so it will take into account day vision and night vision? thanks!
  4. cleavinghammer

    Day, Night, Wild, and Space-themed Spells

    Need spells with a day/sun/light, night/moon/darkness (but not in the evil sense), wilderness/beasts, and space (not sci-fi)/emptiness-elemental theme, for both hero and unit spells. Standard spells with different models and icons are fine if you can make them fit the theme. If you know of good...
  5. Avatars Lord

    Game Night's Map Challenge

    The Next Custom Game Night's at 6:00 pm UTC on Saturday, August 11th, 2018! So get your maps ready for The Night! Welcome to the Game Night's Map Contest! Have you heard of The Custom Game Night which is hosted by Selaya? Maybe you have heard it and you have attended the Game Night even...
  6. ExMortis

    What is high elven culture based of?

    I find elves, night elves and high elves one of the hardest thing to write for. What are they based of? Greeks, romans, sumerians, babylonians, persians? What were they like when they had a world-spanning empire?