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  1. Forbias

    Help With Victory Condition

    I've played Warcraft 3 many times but this is my first time trying the World Editor's Trigger Editor. I wanted to change the victory condition to when the player 1 reaches a certain amount of gold (say, 100,000) and then the victory screen appears. I can't seem to make it work. Can someone...
  2. Nemesis DSGB


    Guys, I'm almost lost for words. I'm 26 years old. I was 14 during my first time with you guys! I can't even remember my old user name! This is such a weird feeling, like seeing all this you've maintained for over 12 years.... My heart swells up in my chest for you guys! You are keeping it...
  3. Twizz

    AoE Damage Spell using trigger

    I'm creating a spell that creates an area and continuously damages enemies inside. It works perfectly on single unit but halves the damage when more than single unit goes in. Any way to fix this? I'm new to triggers.
  4. rainn

    [JASS] Is learning JASS still worthwhile ?

    Sorry if im asking at the wrong place. I know WC3 had a thriving community a few years back , are there any useful guides and resources to learn and start a project and hope to have people who play/test it? I do know basic JAVA so maybe the entry barrier isn't that high (I hope). But I'm not...
  5. Yahya

    Creating a new Map. Feel like it could become awesome. Sharing it for all to edit

    I made a map WarChaser style. 3 hero's to control I found it fun but there were many problems Map vision being retained after moving next zone No way to add text from boss or limit spawners So i decided to share it for everyone so that we can make it an awsome community map. I dont take...
  6. rainmaker25

    Can you copy and past or see triggers not in text

    me and my friends are playing Moomoo v4.08 but the map is too hard and have secrets I want to customize the triggers but I cant understand this one I want the triggers to be just like this is it possible?
  7. blackRaTTeN

    Random models?

    Hey everyone I'm a newbie map maker and i'm working on a really cool td-like map. I wanted to make my "castle" (more like a tavern) spit out workers, but every time the model of a worker is different. I want to have a limit of 4 workers too. Could you help me with both of those things? Thanks...
  8. Idaero Ace

    [DEAD] Idaero'sArt! ~velato invidia nocte

    Idaero Ace made this thread June 28, 2014. That's when he was 16 years old, still studied on 11 grade. Actually, Idaero Ace already draw since 2009. That time he mostly drawn Spiderman, Halo (game), and Star Wars. On 2010, he drawn a lot of Assassin from Assassin's Creed game. On 2011, he mixed...