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  1. Verdun

    Demo- SHORTLEGS: An Advance-Wars type Mod

    SO. Here it is. I finally got 3 playable maps for you now. Now when I say "Advance Wars", I mean a general art style and aesthetic, also to be found in things like 'Battalion Wars' and that tabletop game 'Rivet Wars'. Mechanics-wise, it maps almost completely onto the Warcraft 3 base, so...
  2. Human Oil Tanker

    Human Oil Tanker

    Unfinished model for a human Warcraft 2 Oil Tanker. In the past I created quite a few unfinished assets, but many were sadly lost due hardware failure. Most of them never made it out of the modeling phase, but on a few I actually came as far as setting up the UVW map.
  3. COE Screenies 3

    COE Screenies 3

  4. Lurker99

    Wc2 Melee Hero units?

    Hello Hive, I am starting to work on a melee map that will take place during WC2, it will feature the various human nations and orc factions. I want the factions to be able to be used by custom AI which I will build. I'm am looking for ideas on several things that I am undecided on or cannot...