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  1. salope

    Naruto Arcs (idea)

    hello, everybody! I myself have decided to begin a journey of map devolping. I have always loved the Naruto series (or about half of the episodes of Naruto and about half of the episodes in Shippuden). I have dreamed of making a map that would follow my favorite things in Naruto, including...
  2. TheLordOfChaos201

    Naruto Seals Math

    hello^^ I'm battling to keep my Naruto fiction bound to the laws of physics, and I'm not going to give up no matter how absurd. still I need your help with seals! I've developed an theory on how seals work by comparing them to electrical circuits. I even use the same math. thing is with...
  3. NarutoModFan

    me and my things

    Hey people its me NarutoModFan. i don t have much to say so im gona say this: KEEP THE GOOD WORK NARUTO MODEL CREATORS :thumbs_up:
  4. rolitin001

    New member - hey

    hey i'm new to hiveworkshop i became a member because i developed and interested in warcraft 3 and these maps like naruto or bleach, and wanted to learn how to make them. I also have a problem, if anyone can help me i would really appreciate it, i looked all through the web but can't fix...
  5. Mrjunkie

    Need Partner for my naruto map

    :grin:Need Partner for my Naruto map rpg style i have the terrain, models and missions down and a couple of my spells just need help with some small parts like nejis 64 palms and some fire water and earth spells would be handy email me at [email protected] if you want in on it and a list of...
  6. Sherlockian

    Am I the first one to see this distinct connection?

    I've found incredibly vivid similarities while reading the Naruto series that I'm sure most of you already noticed. But in the interest of the public and to start a few debates I wanted to present to you Harry Potter,Naruto and Lord of the Rings. Naruto - Ninja school = Harry = Wizard school...