1. Liomsi

    [SD/Modeling] Models and Skins of Murlocs from TFT without black stuff around the shields

    Murloc models and skins made of TFT without black material around the shields The creator of the model and skins is not me but this guy - - - - - >
  2. Pillar of Sacrifice

    Pillar of Sacrifice

    Thought I'd share an update on the custom race. So basically we have the second research and tier progression building. Through some ability tinkering and triggers, this building can sacrifice five blue murlocs and turn dat juicy murloc soul juice into an evil boogyman of pain and suffering.
  3. DatBoi

    How do Murlocs reproduce?

    I've been investigating and i found this: Murky in HotS (a.k.a Heroes of the Storm) has an ability where he lays an egg in which he respawns after getting killed. What do you guys think? Also, I didn't really know where to post this, we don't really have anywere to debate lore things.