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  1. TheJassy

    [HD/Modeling] More Murlocs (Reforged)

    Hello! I've been brainstorming some ideas about a Murloc campaign for Reforged but I can't seem to find any good models for that. At the moment I'm gonna keep hush shush about the project but maybe you'll get an idea of what I'm thinking with the following suggestions: In general more Murloc...
  2. Edy

    Simple Model Attachment

    I need someone to rip the fins from a murloc and make them a sepperate model (I only need the fins not the model). And if you could add a transperent version aswell - like a buffish. Only thing that was a problem to me I need it to fit well on a murloc model with it's attachment point being...
  3. Lich Mrgl-Mrgl

    Lich Mrgl-Mrgl

  4. hypsandar

    Wizard & The Beast [Warcraft Scenario Movie]

    Heyy Hivers, me, my brother & my sister made our first legit Warcraft scenario together. What do you think? Have any feedback?
  5. Nemesis_

    Coastal Conflict

    Hi all! This is my first map that I made from scratch.(still WIP) It's basically a map where you play as the murlocs trying to invade a fortified human coastal town. It's not supposed to be amazing or anything but just a fun little map for you to enjoy. I got inspiration for this map from the...
  6. Grimhollow


    I was creating a campaign about murlocs and I need your help that if you could find me somewhere or create one of a gorloc unit. I need to fill my new model called 'Underlair', a coral reef with creepy look and I want the ancient murlocs or gorlocs to be trained there. Much of thanks to who...
  7. JZG

    Naga V1.3

  8. dragon_kid

    Murloc Rush!!!

    Murloc Rush Creator: dragon_kid Current Stage: Construction Murloc Rush is an entirely new take on Footman Frenzy maps, deviating from the usual 'mass units until you buy the farm' mode and focusing on towering and stratagy with other units, including tactics like amphibious attackers able...