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  1. VaaL

    Multiboard frame reseting position after Alt+Tab

    I have an issue concerning multiboards. I create a mb after the game started, and change its position. Yet after I switch to another tab, then switch back to WC3 Reforged, its position resets to default. Here's the trigger: Is there any way to fix this issue?
  2. The Nightmare Book

    [Trigger] Multiboard Issue

    Hello everyone! I have next issue: I'm working on campaign on 1.31 patch, latest before Reforged. I'm creating some sort of TD and I use multiboard to show player what enemies he could see in coming wave; But strangely game just crashes when it comes to multiboard changes. For example, waves...
  3. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Playing with Multiboards

    Greetings people of the Hive Community! Once again i have found myself in need of your help, i am as many others making a map, where i would like a multiboard, or something that does the same atleast, to show "players" and 3 different currencies (currencies are based on variables so it should...
  4. HerlySQR

    [General] Problem with multiboard

    I have a trigger to create a multiboard: But I passed it to Jass: I remade the BJs functions because they have a reference leak and to reduce the number of steps and adding an exception But now the multiboard doesn't display properly Before: Now: What is happening?
  5. OverClocked

    [Solved] Increase the size of icons in multiboards?

    Do you guys know if its possible to increase the size of icons in multiboards because 16x16 seems a bit too small for me. Maybe there's a jass function that can do that or maybe you can change that in the gameplay constants?
  6. slimshaby

    Multiboards not showing

    Hi guys! I've got a problem with my multiboards not showing. I made this trigger and i cannot see either of the 2 multiboards it creates unless i remove the "custom-script-if"-part. Any suggestions? Here is my trigger: [/code] garrisons multiboard Events Time - Elapsed game time...
  7. Primstan

    [Solved] Multiboard Assistance

    Hey, I have a question regarding Multiboards. I an item that Hero can buy (works like Power Up, like Tome of Agility). So I created a variable (like a counter, of ability level). I need to put it into multiboard (I know how to do that), but I need Multiboard to show me this counter (number of...
  8. ss4gogeta

    Need Help Creating Multi board

    need help with the multi board for this ranking system. Rank System this one was made for one player apparently and it wont load my player name when copied into my map. Ps. i am a scrub for context
  9. SoooK

    [Solved] Show/Hide Multiboard works only once

    I want to show and hide multiboards multiple times. But once I hide one multiboard, I can't show it again. It looks like the function just stops working after first use. Text message and audio are working every time. I also tried without "GetLocalPlayer()" but it still won't work as intended...
  10. DrunkenDirt

    [Solved] Destroying or Hiding Timer Window causes game to crash

    This is a bit of a mess with a lot of potential issues, so I'll try keep it as specific as possible. I'm working on a map which begins with all players buying a hero, and a timer counting down to kick players that don't pick a hero within 45 seconds. I have two triggers working on this, one to...
  11. Sinandur

    [General] Multiboard Query

    Hello, Hive. I'm working on a Risk map and I have two resources - gold and renown. Now, a leaderboard for gold only is pretty much standard, but I can't really see a way for me to include renown on that same board. Note: I don't want the leaderboard to display current gold values, I want it...
  12. Smilis

    Cant access models, triggers and more from Frozen Throne

    Hi, Just took up map making again after five years. But now I've run into some truble. I can't find triggers and options that I know should exist (ex. Multiboards, set ability level, buffs and effects). It's like Frozen Throne is not installed, which it is. Have someone else the same...
  13. BLazeKraze

    Simple Multiboard.

    Hey guys! I'm currently working to my upcoming hero arena map. And I'm struggling to create a simple multiboard which shows kill, death (including total kills and deaths of the whole team), revive time, and assist. Can someone help me?
  14. Rorixpwnz

    Multiboard for RPG

    Hi guys, i get desperate about making a multiboard. I Need one where Kills, Deaths and Gold (and a HPbar would be great?) are displayed. For 3 Players. Would be cool if you help out a dude ;)
  15. Ziadoma

    [Trigger] Multiboard Deathtimer

    Hello, and friend of mine needed help with a map and I made aworking Multiboard for him with kills/death lasthits. So I got the idea of a deathtimer (on the mutliboard) and as far as I came it only worked for singleplayer and in multiplayer everthing was wrong. I deleted the trigger so I cant...
  16. BallGoo

    Can someone help me?

    I'm making a minigame like map based on Star Wars VI's battle of Endor. I'm only using the world editor for like 5-6 months and I never made a multiboard and thats the problem. :goblin_cry: I NEED SOMEONE TO HELP ME WITH THE MULTIBOARD! I made a multiboard by myself with some tutorials but it...
  17. AJalex

    Getting rid of the multiboard's "eyes" in every column

    Ok i have one question: On a muitiboard can you get rid of the "eye" icon that is on every row/column? i tried everything :-w and nothing worked