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  1. Endlessnight.PNG


  2. MasterHaosis

    Movie Classic Monsters Old vs New

    Hello mortals! :cgrin: Halloween is approaching. People watch movies. There are tons of monsters in movies, various types and I wonder which one do you prefer, older ones or modern ones. There is unwritten rule that old classis are before 1970s and modern classics are ones after 1970. By...
  3. FlameofChange

    Historical Units/buildings list

    Here we go. I'm making a AoE like map and i would like some specific models. If not specified, i would like team-color and proper death animation (by proper i mean at least existing) using if possible Vanilla textures. I don't want very realistic nor from-scratch animations (i precise sometime...
  4. NigerianPriest

    Fallout: Across the Dam

    Hello, I'm creating a map for Fallout because I know most people haven't really done this. I have got some of the main things down already, I just need some models. Basically i'm thinking of having NCR troops (conscripts and heavy armoured), a vertibird, a tank (see below), caesars legion...
  5. voidsmith

    Transparent street road arrows

    Hi people! I need simple transparent doodad textures to apply as decals on a road. The three following types would be ideal : Or someone who could give me directions to make it myself... Thank you very much!
  6. Putilov 107mm M1910

    Putilov 107mm M1910

    A reproduction of the russian field cannon, produced during the years that immediately predated the start of WW1 in the Putilov-Schneider factory of St. Petersburg. The Revolution of February in 1917 was sparked in this very factory. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirov_Plant
  7. Times

    Simple Sound Merge on Model

    Hello, I'd be very thankful if someone could either: - Personally do - Link me a tutorial about - Tell someone to do placing a sound on the normal attack animation of this model: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/adwanced-marine-light.49031/#resource-22178 I think it's okay to do it without...
  8. Christian9872

    Christian9872 Topic

    I have been looking at this site for a couple of years now and I finally got a chance to register. I found most of your things useful. I hope I can make a model come day. I am working on a couple of maps. 1. Jurassic Park Survival Platinum (Something Like That) 2. Source Gaming Mania...
  9. Doron

    Modern Warfare Mod: MainForums Hacked?

    This prolly aint the place to put this, but if there is anyone who is familiar with IllidanEvil's Modern Warfare project know what happened to the forum? I just got onto the site, everything was changed and main page said it was hacked.