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model need

  1. jk4t63p4f

    [Solved] empty

  2. jk4t63p4f


  3. Zoson

    Grief Syndrome

    Greetings, this is the project recruitment page of the map Grief Syndrome. Current Project Team: vJASS Coder - Zoson Coder, Sound, Graphic - devoltz Terrain - vinciusbrasil, shayoo Modeller, Animator - You! Currently we are looking for a Modeller & Animator for our project. To give you an...
  4. Michael92

    Model Request if anybody wishes to land a hand

    Hi, my name is Michael and i am looking to mod fully my warcraft 3 game, and re do all campaigns with fresh models and portraits. Few things i cannot go around i ask for help if somebody experienced is willing. Two things i would like made but have trouble doing due to inexperience: 1) I would...
  5. Sapprine

    Realy Simple Model request *WITH GOOD CREDIT!* (Still Pending, please help)

    I have need of a custom model for a project I'm working on. Basically all I'm asking for is a plain Rock Golem portrait with the animations and shape of a Furbolg/Ursa Warrior, alternatively a murloc, without shell/shield and weapon. For credit, read my reply below.
  6. NFWar

    Simple model for custom plant texture

    I need a simple model that uses 128x256 texture you see below. It should be about 4 triangles, just like cliff vines in warcraft's sunken ruins. There is no particular reason for this, I just made a texture and was wondering if it will look good in game and perhaps upload it to Hive. I kind of...
  7. Eldin HawkWing


    Hello Guys :grin: After being inactive for a long months, I plan to create a terrain map and I need a model which is "Cloud/Fog/Smoke Model" attached to ground. Please help :bored: