1. Miss-Lightbringer

    [General] Problem with entangled gold mine

    Hello, first of all english is not my native language so I will try to explain my self the best I can, please be patient. I replaced the NE race with naga, since I dont know how to make AI, I edited every single NE unit to be exact as the naga race. That worked so far when I tested with...
  2. Ferino_Tisovich

    Harvest Life NEWS

    HARVEST LIFE NEWS : Map is 5x bigger than before In map is 3 biomes right now : Desert , Snow Biome and Forest New materials you can get in mine : Copper, Gold, Diamond You can use shovel to get materials like - sand, clay and snow balls every shoveling you get +1 of that material and you can...
  3. Mr. Gameplay Knowledge

    My Minecraft project.

    I am building a sculpture which is sitting on a throne or a chair,the details are secret. Current progress:10% Currently done:
  4. Toonmix

    Is this where I can't get minecraft mods?

    ples help, i need moincreft mods