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  1. Mathayis

    There was an error in handling the request **Solved **

    Sooo I get this strange error message after downloading the new 1.32 patch when trying to launch Warcraft 3.... Is anyone else having this issue? Also, I'm able to open the editor, forgive me for my ignorance but I noticed it's all updated with reforge models and beautiful terrain :eek: Not...
  2. Invisible Pink Unicorn

    [Solved] Adjusting the duration of wait in between messages

    Hiya, I have a problem. I am making a tutorial level in my campaign and it has a lot of dialogue both in cinematics using the action: Cinematic - transmission from unit type As well as outside of cinematics as chat text using the action: Game - Text Message (Auto timed) I am having a really...
  3. konradt

    Trigger to notify players about others' race/class choice at startup

    There's this map [Miscellanous / Other] - Northrend Bound: v1.84 Open Source which I'm doing some small changes on. The map is for 8 players and people are a little frustrated if many of the players choose the same race/profession. So I was hoping to add a text notification function to the...
  4. SSJ7107

    Game message doesnt appear in-game

    Some of my triggers that shows text doesn't work and I don't know why but some of the triggers work and I'm really confused. Here is an example of a trigger that doesn't show text: test
  5. Flux

    [General] Question about DisplayTextToPlayer.

    Is it possible to have another DisplayTextToPlayer to display within the same line as the prior DisplayTextToPlayer used. Example I want to make this: call DisplayTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(), 0, 0, 60, "1") <call some other functions> call DisplayTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(), 0, 0, 60, "2")...
  6. stan0033

    [General] Error Tooltip Missing

    When I made my item undroppable "error tooltip missing" appeared instead of "Unable to drop item" I looked at game interface and the message was there. Then why it says it is missing? Have anyone had this before? How can I fix it?