1. WC3SC1 Arthas Quotes 2/3

    WC3SC1 Arthas Quotes 2/3

    As its default unit now, I added plate armor sounds from several sources (and old games) to simulate the sound they'd make. If you think they sound too loud, do tell me, for I can lower them still. Oh and btw, the "F" in the sound file stands for "Footman" and not what you may've thought at first.
  2. It Worked.

    It Worked.

    Once again, thank you Hive. This will be a fine Victory screen for the campaign.
  3. inactive forever


  4. BrothForMyPeople

    I need Space Arthas model.

    I once saw Arthas model with Marine skin but I can't find it now. Does it still exist in HWS database?
  5. Nightmare Doors

    Before Darkness Falls

    Before Darkness Falls is an incredibly polished and unique total conversion mod created on StarCraft 2 engine In the aftermath of the chaos resulting from the invasion of the feral Zerg, the defensive army of the mining colony has been almost entirely massacred. The evacuation of people and...
  6. pyf

    ABZÛ, free on the Epic Games Store (limited time offer)

    ABZÛ can be included for free in your digital game library until September 12, 2019. ABZU - Epic Games Store Abzû - Wikipedia
  7. Mar.

    [Shooting / FPS] Resident Evil 1 Spin off - 4 Player Co op Dungeon

    Been thinking a lot recently about this map idea. General Plot: 4 Players co-op where you play as a squad of 4 marines. You can pick your class at the start, as well as specifications like weapon, gear, attributes, etc. You are on a mission to clear a laboratory that (like in the movie...