maps and resources

  1. biridius

    Can't upload map

    Hello. I got a small issue. Can't update a map file from mobile (android, chrome). The issue has persisted since the last time I checked, last month. The file upload progress goes to 100% and the filename changes to the new map version, but pressing the "post resource" button throws an error...
  2. Cheshire

    number of downloads - not by bots

    Hey there, every resource has a download count, but seeing the number of bots always on the site I assume a lot of the downloading is by bots. Is there a way to see the amount of downloads by actual interested people? thanks!
  3. fang24

    Unit help

    Does anyone know how to make it so units can act like the merc camps? I was trying to take the undead sky barrage unit and make it act like a flying merc camp that acts as a traveling war ship that you can both load and train units with.
  4. Turtul

    The UNDERTALE race!!!!

    Hi! My name is Octavio Maiani and I'm a fan of UNDERTALE (Not so much to have dolls everywere in my house). I just love everything about it, the gameplay, characters, it's retro style of graphics and especially the music. WHO DOESN'T LOVE MEGALOVANIA, SPEAR OF JUSTICE OR HEARTACHE? But I'm going...
  5. Dee Rains

    Map & Resource Sorting is Completely Scrambled

    Forgive me if this is well known already, I've been a long time user of the site but never felt like making a proper account until now following the recent site redesign. The sorting of Maps & Resources seems completely scrambled, when I sort by date I see submissions from December 2013 mixed...