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  1. Silvernus

    [Solved] Prevent upgrade from increasing unit's current mana?

    This topic has come up once before, but got no clear answer. And on my own research, I'm finding it particularly difficult to resolve. The goal here is simple - I want a building that has an arbitrary amount of mana to be able to upgrade into one with a higher maximum mana, but without changing...
  2. HerlySQR

    Targetable ability that considers if the target has full mana

    Hello, I wanna know if there is an ability with target that don't cast if the target has full mana, I know that I can check and stop the caster with triggers, but I wanna do the check in the exact moment the order is issued, to the function IssueTargetOrderById returns me true or false.
  3. cleavinghammer

    Combined unit mana issues

    I'm running into a problem with a combined unit (based off the Archer, Hippogriff and Hippogriff Rider). One of the basic units has mana, and the combined unit has the same total amount of mana. But the combined unit has mana according to what the object editor gives as starting mana, instead...
  4. J2Krauser

    Altering a specific unit's overhead status bar

    Hi. By overhead status bar, I mean the health/mana bar above a unit. I'm well aware that I could just get rid of the bars, and make my own, then make them look as janky as I wanted. What I'm interested in is if there's a way to fiddle with the stock ones. I've been trying to cook up a solution...
  5. MStylo

    UI hero icons bars

    Is there a way to make health and mana bars under top right hero icons (F1) disappear?
  6. NelsonLaJe

    [Help or Request WE] Passive Mana Shield

    Hello Hivers, it's been a while since I look at the forum, and today I came to ask if there is any tutorial in Hive to make an active skill into a passive skill as the title says is the Mana Shield I found a tutorial for put CD in passive skills but not to do what i want it it work like the...
  7. Cizqué

    Drain Life & Siphon Mana

    Hey , i have a small issue on one of my maps. I have this hero that i want to have both Drain life and Siphon mana abillity (as seperate spells) Here is the problem i’m having. When my hero learned both the spells it will always cast Siphon mana wich ever abillity of the two i’m trying to use...
  8. Cushq

    Rage for Warriors

    Hey there Hive folks I have been browsing some of the existing forums and haven't quite pegged the right thread or something that helped me more so with my map. In my map I am trying to get a rage system onto my warrior based spec heroes i have Fury/Arms and Protection I would like them to be...
  9. matin45

    [Spell] Passive Mind Rot

    Hi. Warcraft has an ability with the name mind rot that burns enemy unit's mana. I need an passive ability that burn the unit(that unit has this ability)'s mana. Can you help me?
  10. El Saif

    [General] Correct ways to use new natives

    So, i've been confused about how to use some of new natives we got. Especially those Ability Mana and Cooldown parts. I tried using them on trigger like when the unit starts the effect on an ability, periodic timer, etc. But it seems doesn't really work at all. Anybody knows why? Or i missing...
  11. Diegoit

    [Spell] Disable mana regen spell

    As tittle said :D Or just tell me how can i disable mana regen temporaly with triggers. Thanks ;)
  12. silverlight33

    [Spell] Syphon mana -> increasing mana of an ally

    Hey, I was wandering if there is a field/gameplay constant that allows syphon mana to increase the manapool of the allly unit? The same way you can increase BM mana over the cap when he is targeting enemies. If there isn't an easy way, can you point me towards how to do it with...
  13. Rondstat

    [Trigger] Refunding Mana, custom spell

    Issue is tentatively fixed - problem is 'Channel' ability implementing mana cost after effect started. So, I've got a few spells based on Channel (ID'd to charm, earthquake, and summonphoenix), and triggers to implement the effects if they're cast where I want 'em, and refund mana if they're...
  14. Bluetime

    [Spell] Health/Mana Regeneration Amplification based on current Health/Mana Regeneration Point

    Hello Guys, How to do amplifying health/mana regeneration based on current health/mana regeneration points by hardcoded or by GUI method? Thanks e.g. 10 health regeneration x 20% regeneration amplification = 12 health regeneration ;)
  15. Captain Bacon

    [Solved] Simple Trigger Behaving Strange. Need Help!

    This is basically Rejuvenation scaling with max Mana, supposed to heal the target 8 times over 8 seconds. When I cast the ability, the target unit is healed 2 times over 2 seconds and then nothing. It's like the trigger only goes through the loop twice. The amount healed seems to be correct...
  16. TheAyalalalalon

    [Trigger] Mana consume detection

    Hi I need some help with these triggers i made to detect how much mana a spell is consuming Impedido 2 Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions Actions Set ManaOBJ = (Mana of casting unit) Impedido Events Unit - A unit Starts the...
  17. Garathorn

    [Spell] Like a reverse Dark Ritual?

    I would like to ask for help. Here is the initial idea: I would like to create an ability that kind of works like a reverse dark ritual. It will be an ability for mana wyrm, and it sacrifices it's life and gives mana to the target. Preferable would be to give life%, like mana wyrm HP is 200/500...
  18. TheAyalalalalon

    [Spell] Mana regeneration by dying unit passive

    I trying to make a passive ability that generates an aura with a specific range and gives enemy units a buff. Thats work but i want to every time enemy unit with <buff> dies the hero regenerates himself the x% of the maximum mana but it does not work because dying unit does not have buffs There...
  19. Anwynn

    [General] Change Mana Regen in Combat

    Is it possible to increase a heroes mana regen while when they're attacking or being attacked and for it to last a few seconds after they stop? If so, how? If possible I want to do it with just triggers. If not that's okay too, it's just preference as I'm fairly new and don't have any...