1. BladefistOP

    [SD/Modeling] I need someone to create Reforged Dreadlords in SD version

    this are the models that i need someone to create
  2. Zenonoth

    [Campaign] Revenge of Mal'Ganis is back! [Reforged Vers. / Co-Op]

    - For the original pre-reforged development post click me! Complete remastering + remake of the original campaign in WC3 reforged utilizing most of it's brand new features! Voice acting 3 Difficulty Levels to choose from before each mission (Easy/Normal/Hard) Co-Op Mode (Play with another...
  3. TheRedneckRebel

    Dark Conversion Problem

    Hi I'm trying to solve something here about the dark conversion used by Mal'ganis. I know how to edit it so the spell works on humans, what I need to know is how can I get them to convert to the owning player as soon as they are converted? I don't think it requires triggers but I could be wrong...