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  1. katya18

    Check if string is real number

    Hi guys. The task is next: I have a string, it could be anything in theory. I need function function IsReal takes string s returns boolean endfunction that checks, whether or not string can be converted to real number I dont need full tests like including -(negative values) or exponential...
  2. itsTrixyB11TCH

    Moving from region to region - help

    Hi, I've been trying to move spawned units from one region to the next region, through a for each loop. it doesn't seem to work since the unit stops at "T1 03 move2". I kinda figured out my looping is wrong, but I can't figure out how to do it properly. What I wanted was to get a "short"...
  3. Matthew's_warcraft_book

    AND/OR in conditions?

    Hey all, Im just learning jass and am struggling to make a loop work. Im wondering if there can be 2 conditions for exitwhen? using AND, or OR. Example: Function Fxn takes nothing returns nothing local integer a = 1 local integer b = 5 loop exitwhen a == 1 AND b == 1 set b =...
  4. Uncle

    [Solved] Any advice/tips/examples on how to improve map performance when dealing with many units.

    Edit: I managed to fix most of all of my issues. I had previously posted a Loop I was making that ran poorly when dealing with multiple units but I sorted it out with a dynamic recycling indexer. Guess it's not a good idea to loop through EVERY single unit, even one's that are no longer used.
  5. Amigoltu

    [JASS] A mass push ability questions

    Hello. I've gotten into JASS quite recently, and currently, am working on push/knockback abilities. I think, at least, that I've gotten the hang of the ones for single units, but now, I've been trying to create a boss ability, that knocks all the units away from the caster - a mass...
  6. GoldenBud

    Simple Question about Multiple periodic triggers

    Hey all, so my question is simple. My map is a maze/dodge/slide and I use ALOT of Loops, in quite a few different periodic triggers that are running .03-.1 sec simultaneously. Most of them have quite a bit of code and almost always consist of loops with ITE's that contain more than one...
  7. Adorm

    Complicated Trigger Question *Still Need Help*

    Hey Guys, Trying to develop something somewhat unique for my new map, however I've run into some confusion on what Functions and such to approach to accomplish this task. I'm trying to generate Income for my Players based on the number of Peons they currently have burrowed in an Orc Burrow...