looking for aid

  1. Varcklen

    Looking for a map developer to support the map

    Hello everyone. I've been working on the "Boss Battle" map for over four years now (including ~2 years on wc3 1.32). I'm planning on doing other projects and don't have the time to support multiple projects on my own. I'm looking for a map developer who can take over some of the work on the map...
  2. aog@hive

    [Help] looking for help on Open Source Warcraft 2 Source port

    Hello! I will keep it quick and simple as this part is some older news now Last year the Source code for Warcraft 2's PS1 port was discovered in a collection of dumped Climax studios disks that was uploaded online. I was directed to the forum here and to make an account by the user StormKnight...
  3. TheSilverhand

    Looking for 2 people (Custom Hero Defense)

    Custom Hero Defense[TSH] TheSilverHand, #, # Positions Looking for: Trigger Writers & Recipe Makers. Objective - Defeat the endless waves of creeps that slowly make their way to the Center, you start with 16 Lives but per player in the map Increases the lives by 4. There are 4 types of units...