1. KitsuneTailsPrower

    (Unfinished) Star Guardian Ezreal

    I somehow managed to get as far as I did with this import (read: basically pressing random buttons in a way I couldn't remember what I did after). Known issues: Model is mirrored Model doesn't display correctly in some editors. Face looks really bad ) : Download, which includes all the...
  2. Teitan

    [Hero Arena] Tryndamere in Warcraft III (WIP)

    I'll be resuming this project soon, and i rather have this post deleted.
  3. SgtWinter

    WC2 Temple of the Damned Edit Request

    Hiya, Winter here! I'm just here to request someone to edit this model. WCIITempleOfDamned What I want is for somebody to replace the red demonic base foundation thing under it with the standard WC3 Orc one. Should be simple enough, though I'm not really good at model editing so I wouldn't...
  4. axleion

    [General] fixed attack rate

    hello... I've been searching for a bit, both from forum posts and tutorials on the web, and so far, none have discussed about this for wc3, most just discuss about maximum attack speed :(. I'm interested in replicating the attack speed mechanic of Jhin, a champion of LoL into Wc3. for those...
  5. tolist85

    My Lol Videos

    Hi there, I have videos about Lol. I hope you like. The new ones will be coming. Good looking! Have fun!
  6. SSJ7107

    [Spell] Removing ability (item) from a unit.

    Ok, so my problem is, I made a AoE spell that decreases armor of enemy units nearby, so I made a dummy spell based on the bonus armor in item category and added it to nearby enemy units. But the problem is... I cant remove them. Why??
  7. SSJ7107

    [Spell] Plague-like ability? Is it possible?

    What's up guys I'm trying to make a new spell that deals damage over time and when the unit dies, it spreads to nearby enemy units (Damage is based on attribute). Is there a way to make this possible or No? o_Oo_Oo_O
  8. SSJ7107

    [Spell] Stacking Ability (help)

    Hello guys, I am making a new ability that is related to stacks, when you cast the ability, it leaves a buff, and when the unit dies and it still has the buff, it will add 1 stack and these stacks will add damage to his other abilities. Well, my problem is, I don't know how to do, or possibly...
  9. SSJ7107

    Veigar's Event Horizon and Primoridal Burst

    Hello, I want to know if there is a way to make Veigar's E and Ult? His ultimate could be easy but I dont how to increase its damage based on the targeted unit's missing health, also his E could also be hard for me since I'm really noob at triggering, any ideas?
  10. plazma019

    How to make an ability become auto cast?

    I want my hurl boulder become ac. Also I want my hurl boulder targets many enemy. The important thing is to become auto cast
  11. Warcraft 3 -  LeBlanc Distortion WIP - YouTube

    Warcraft 3 - LeBlanc Distortion WIP - YouTube

    I'm really motivated building leblanc abilities in warcraft since I really like this champion, I mean.... I love LeBlanc! ^^