local player

  1. Droof

    [Solved] Detect Building/Structure Menu Click

    I'd like to implement a paging system for multiple structures in the building selection on a worker unit. I have two units, "Next page" and "Previous page" When the units are selected/clicked in the build menu, it should change the buildings available for the triggering player. ISSUE: The...
  2. Death Adder

    local player dialog buttons?

    Does it work? Or will it Desync? I want to use a single dialog variable, but add/show different buttons depending on the player. I would've tested if it works myself, but JNGP's multiplayer emulation isn't working for me for some reason. (I've used it before though.)
  3. Tasyen

    Custom Music Lists

    Using Custom Assets is a great thing since the filesize limit increase, and music is no exception, but the question is: how do you play that music? 1. A Way To Replace Default Music The simplest way if you don't need the default one is by replacing the default music files with custom ones. How...