1. Donut78

    Helpful Import MDX into Blender 2.79 Addon

    Hey Everyone! After searching far and wide for something that could do this, I'd finally come across a super helpful addon for Blender 2.79 that allows a very comprehensive import of an MDX file that appears to include everything from mesh, UV, rig/animations and even other nodes like attachment...
  2. Ricola3D

    Changelog : how-to make it available from ingame ?

    Hello, I'm currently editing the X Hero Siege famous map. I would like to make the change log available for players who discover the map on Bnet. My change log is ~40 lines of text (a bit long...) What are the possibles ways to make it available ? > In the loading screen (but how do I add...
  3. Regent_Artiman

    Warbringers Background Musics

    Hey guys can someone give me the direct link for download ... 1 - Warbringer daughter of the sea (jaina) 2 - Warbringer Azshara ((background)) musics. :0 I really can do it my own cause places with musics are filtered for my country like Itune - youtube and.... and...
  4. BrazilEmperor

    Naga Buildings Links

    Hi folks! i'm working to make my melee map with custom races, and for now, i need some Naga Buildings, in this source website, i don't have founded too much models, Do you knows where i can found buildings packs of this race? others websites of warcraft iii resources,etc? Thanks for Help and...
  5. khj

    Gaia's Retaliation official Discord channel.

    Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers If you're looking for a party, if you want to get answers to your questions as soon as possible or if you just want to chat about Gaia's Retaliation or any other map, feel free to come by. We will be glad to see everybody here. Also, if you have...
  6. Wardota2 Gamer

    (Solved) How do I put a picture in the signature?

    I am actually wodering that all of your signature's (not all) are with a picture that is when you click the picture and it leads into a link so how do you all do that? (again not all)
  7. Furry Nova

    Newest "The Chosen Ones" Campaign Version Available?

    I've decided to play this awesome campaign again after getting stuck on the Obelisk boss on Chapter 9. I've looked around and read that there's newer versions available. This post Campaign Download Link links me to the main v1.0 when it says v1.9. This post The Chosen Ones 1.9i has expired...
  8. chefchx

    Warcraft Campaign(s) Which Follows The Books' Timeline

    So this is actually my first time joining a forum and it was only triggered after I finished playing the Warcraft III RoC and TFT campaigns. I am aware that I am quite outdated since I haven't been immersed into gaming until I figured out that playing games may be a faster and more enjoyable way...
  9. Tharifas

    [Solved] "Anti-Spirit Link"

    Hi! First of all, I just registered so I'm not sure how things go, but I think this is the proper forum for this. I am trying to make an altered melée map with new tavern heroes, and I want one of them to have an ability that links enemy units, so when one of them is damaged, all linked units...