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  1. iqLJesus

    Destory Lighting Effect Crashes

    When i try to destroy the lighting effect it crashes:: Melee Initialization Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Lightning - Create a Chain Lightning - Primary lightning effect from source (Position of Mountain King 0000 <gen>) to target (Position of Mountain...
  2. Tigrick

    Alternative to Mdlvis? (need program for attaching vertices to bones)

    Mdlvis messes up normals. I tested it. Each time you open a model in Mdlvis, it changes normals, and this can make a model's lighting weird. I want to find another program that allows attaching vertices to bones. Suggestions welcome.
  3. Tigrick

    Fix weird normals for me plz

    Hello everyone, the normals on the face of this model are odd, resulting in weird lighting: Can someone quickly fix this? Maybe sb with access to a tool that can automatically recalculate normals. Thanks in advance, +rep promised!
  4. A

    [General] About lighting and other stuff

    Hello fellow Warcrafters I just bought Reforged with the intent of using the World Editor as a battlemap generator for Tabletop D&D. Is there any way to launch the map without seeing the in-game UI? If so, I could record the screen. How do I work with lighting and shadows? It seems like the...
  5. lannheday

    Imported models' lighting

    Hello, Making a map with some models ripped from other games, I see that those models don't change when I toggle lighting on/off on the editor (I notice War3 models change their textures to become darker when night falls etc). So how can I add lighting behaviors to those models? To be precised...
  6. HerrDave

    [General] Torch light disappearing

    Can someone explain to me why when I have a custom model (no mesh, just omni light) in my map, all other light sources stop working? Custom torch models and regular ones no longer produce light, and this is rather annoying as that was the entire point of having them there.