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league of legends

  1. KitsuneTailsPrower

    (Unfinished) Star Guardian Ezreal

    I somehow managed to get as far as I did with this import (read: basically pressing random buttons in a way I couldn't remember what I did after). Known issues: Model is mirrored Model doesn't display correctly in some editors. Face looks really bad ) : Download, which includes all the...
  2. Teitan

    [Hero Arena] Tryndamere in Warcraft III (WIP)

    I'll be resuming this project soon, and i rather have this post deleted.
  3. Virus-X

    [Solved] Black Cleaver didn't work on Physical Damage Detection

    Hi, so my problem is my Black Cleaver didn't effect on enemy, but GDD is effect on abilities so very lagging and didn't follow items description (Dealing physical damage). Stats +40 attack damage +400 health Passive UNIQUE: Dealing physical damage to an enemy champion Cleaves them, reducing...
  4. choaya27

    Can someone teach me how to translate map?

    I just come to epicwar this morning, and i found this LoL map 英雄联盟1.34 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com this map is so nice with 66 heroes on it and full custom terain, but the languange is chinese so i'm going to translate this but i don't know how to translate it, so can someone teach me how...
  5. plazma019

    How to make an ability become auto cast?

    I want my hurl boulder become ac. Also I want my hurl boulder targets many enemy. The important thing is to become auto cast
  6. Warcraft 3 -  LeBlanc Distortion WIP - YouTube

    Warcraft 3 - LeBlanc Distortion WIP - YouTube

    I'm really motivated building leblanc abilities in warcraft since I really like this champion, I mean.... I love LeBlanc! ^^
  7. Tfz

    Request for custom skills for a new map. (League of Legends)

    I need custom skills created for each of the heroes listed bellow. (Q W E R). (Copies of the actual skills that are right now active in the game) Making a huge project here, plan to make it the second most played custom map after dota. Nami. Alistar. Jax. Diana. Nocturne. Irelia. Ahri...