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  1. Plots and Coup detat's

    Plots and Coup detat's

    Deep in Westfall coal mines lurks brotherhood. Will they save those lands or pillage them to ground? You decide.
  2. Spooky Westfall Crypt

    Spooky Westfall Crypt

    "Spooky scare skeletons sent shivers down your spine".
  3. Moonbrook Church Indoor

    Moonbrook Church Indoor

    Kyrie Eleison, here locals pray for better tomorrow and release their sorrow.
  4. Moonbrook Tavern Indoors

    Moonbrook Tavern Indoors

    Want to trial myself to make indoor location, located in Westfall.
  5. Horde Camp Near Janglore Mine: New Look

    Horde Camp Near Janglore Mine: New Look

  6. Horde Camp Near Janglore Mine: Old Look

    Horde Camp Near Janglore Mine: Old Look

  7. Boar & Wolf Forest: New Look

    Boar & Wolf Forest: New Look

  8. Boar & Wolf Forest: Old Look

    Boar & Wolf Forest: Old Look

  9. Westfall Crypt: New Look

    Westfall Crypt: New Look

  10. Westfall Crypt: Old Look

    Westfall Crypt: Old Look

  11. Whole Map: South Attacks!

    Whole Map: South Attacks!

    Completed south map corner and slightly changed others… But more ahead!
  12. BranaR

    My first Reforged

  13. trebla ratilla

    Trebla's Art

    Hi everyone! This is my first time to post my art here. Hope you guys will gonna enjoy it and more art will come!. I;m trying to draw some character design, landscape or any ideas.
  14. johannesr

    johannesr's art showcase

    So i suddenly remembered this place exists and got hit with dem nostalgias. My love for landscapes started with the terrain board after all. Thought i'd show you some of my latest art. More stuff seen here JKRoots on DeviantArt
  15. .OmG.

    Landscape request

    Hey there. I am working on some map called Orb Wars. Map is fully on russian now, but that is not gonna to be a problem for you. The point of the map is killing the enemy wisp using ur own wisp. For that purpose you can throw the orbs. Orbs bounce from walls and decorations and explode upon...