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  1. Stormswind

    From JNGP to SharpCraft

    Untitledryrdyd by Stormswind posted May 7, 2018 at 8:43 PMHello there! I have some errors from jass helper on new editor - Sharp Craft, i worked on old editor jngp and tried to save old map without any trigger or variables (for keep landscape, objects, destructibles and minimize errors), but got...
  2. DarkRanger2

    [JASS] JASS Helper : Found Errors Please wait 500 years.

    After making some triggers ... Simple dialog triggers. (Six dialog triggers.) Everything was perfect, but for spme reason, the Jass helper started saying there's errors. I don't know what to redo everything ( again) someone just help. :(
  3. Shac0themaster

    JASS Editor won't start after the latest patch (

    So my Problem is that every time I try to launch JASS editor (I downloaded it from this site) it says 'Could not redirect Create File A' this never happend before, it started as I was updating the game to patch I searched for this problem on other sites and on this site but no one...
  4. Lighteagle8

    JassNewGen Won't open

    I downloaded a few patches (I was behind) for Warcraft 3 from battle.net down loader. After that I get this error every single time (So currently I am using another program but it doesn't allow me to make certain terrain unwalkable which I really need). Here is the Error: "Wehack.dll Could not...
  5. BLazeKraze

    [General] Hidden Models won't work.

    Hi guys! So I'm making a spell for my map then I used the "Abilities\Spells\Items\StaffOfPurification\PurificationCaster" as an effect to my custom thunderclap. But it won't show up in the game when I tried it. I used JNGP and I don't know what's the problem. I tried also another hidden models...
  6. DeMoN100

    Looking for Trigger / JASS AI Scripters

    Looking to create a RP map like all the other successes. I am currently at this moment terraining the map and writing a unique storyline with a whole custom lore. I will update post with screenshots soon and need someone who is familiar with writing triggers and scripting commands and animations...
  7. Kamikazzee

    What does the colored text in JASSNewGen mean?

    This is more of a curiosity than a true problem. I'm wondering what it means when a function is colored purple or red in Jass NewGen, even though they basically do the same thing. For example: GroupAddUnit - Purple GroupAddUnitSimple - Red What does this difference mean? Is red less...