invisibility problem

  1. DanmakuUmineko

    [General] Dummies using models with no animation names have become invisible

    It's as the title says. I'm making a map, and I've used a dummy with the locust ability and given to them the model of the death animation for naga buildings (the water splash). I've made an ability that creates this dummy, and they weird thing is that it worked. It used to work. The model was...
  2. InSaNe_97

    [Spell] Wind Walk for flying units?

    Greetings. I want to make ability that turns caster invisible and gives bonus movement speed, just as Wind Walk does. When invisibility is stopped so is movement speed bonus. Wind Walk has those things but looks like can't be for plying units. Things that Wind Walk has but I don't want in this...
  3. TheOakStaff

    [Solved] Invisibility that breaks upon movement

    Hello there, Just installed WC III (ROC & TFT) again after many years and decided to make a little custom game-mode. I want to have a unit be able to become invisible at will and that the effects ends when the character attacks or moves. Any help would be appreciated. Fair warning, I know...
  4. matin45

    [Import] Invisible unit models

    Every time I tried to import and use a model that has blp file, my units in game were invisible. Why?