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  1. Recklessness

    Creating Separate Instances/Maps...like dungeons

    I'm making a multiplayer rpg and wanted to have a sort of instance system similar to the one used in the Rexxar Campaign, but a multiplayer version. [Essentially multiplayer campaign]. I don't need help creating the dungeons, but I just need a system that would allow me to set up several portals...
  2. J-B

    Six player instances (intended?)

    Hello there, I am currently on a LAN with some friends and we decided to play Gaias Retaliation ORPG. We have played the map on two different occasions before but were both times with two or three players. Now we convinced some friends to play along and our group of six went on a journey...
  3. The_Spellweaver

    [Solved] Wurst: Possible to manually destroy class instances?

    I'm coming from vJass and started to learn some wurstscript because it seemed handy at first. Its syntax is alluring, but very punishing and my bum is hurting already, and errors are very misleading but I'm getting used to it. So I've used to just call .destroy() on structs but here I can't do...