1. BallsSucker

    Alchemist animations pikes and cloud.

    Hello. Going streight to the grain: MAIN 2 QUESTIONS 1.- How could I find the "animations" of the alchemist PURP contour from reforged and the peaks from the morph classic alchemist (both in photos): 2.- I know how to extract on retera, but the MAIN problem is that I don't know if those are...
  2. Kyrbi0

    [[[The Prime Question]]] What is the Point of a Contest?

    @Ralle & @everyone (lolol) Thanks to @Arowanna for the kick in the pants, as well as @IcemanBo & @Naze (the latter for the following): (I'm very gratified that you not only remembered that, but found where I had posted it; I myself had forgotten) I have thought about Contests the Hive for a...