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  1. ZeroGravity

    Can you make immolation slow nearby enemy?

    Hi and just like the topic, how do you make immolation slow enemies near the damage dealer? I tried to find the custom spell or anything to this but got no clue. Maybe someone can help? Thanks in advance.
  2. Seavalan Legend

    Fire Armor

    In the custom campaign that I am working on, I am trying to determine how to make an ability similar to Frost Armor. The ability I wish to create will add armor, as well as an immolation effect: i.e. it damages foes near the unit. I am certain this exists already, but I can't find it. Thanks in...
  3. Captain Bacon

    [Solved] Need help making an Immolate-like spell that scales off of Intelligence.

    Allright, so I basically want to create a spell that is ...toggleable? togglable? ..that you can turn on and off that deals the [intelligence of a hero/2] (plus something that scales with ability level) to all surrounding enemies every half second. Kind of like this: This trigger...