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icon importing

  1. 99Spaghetti

    [Solved] Icons(.dds) are unuseable

    I have this problem for a while now and can't find anyone else with this problem. I imported ".dds" Icons in Reforged to use in my custom map but the Asset Manager doesn't recognise them as Image/Texture. I searched for option to convert ".dds" to ".blp" but didn't find any. First I thought...
  2. Lazarator

    Invisible Model(s) and Icon(s)

    Hello everybody! :) I hope you're having a great day, because I'm not. This modelling is giving me quite a headache. :( Recently I've been making a map and I just can't seem to make some models and icons work. Not all models and icons doesn't work for me. In fact, most are working fine...
  3. Majid_Ne

    Problems with BTN & DISBTN

    Hi , I'm working on a project , I import two files and didn't change default path BTNFootman.blp DISBTNFootman.blp I have a problem.When I click on menu in game , icons i imported , became green. I searched and I couldn't find any solution. So I posted this thread. If you know any idea , let...
  4. Voxelvoid

    Importing an Icon (HELP)

    So I begin with choosing the icon I want. I want to use it for an item. So from the beginning I only downloaded the first one, the BTN. It didnt work and after searching around it seemed I needed the DISBTN too. So I downloaded that one as well. Still nothing worked. I was confused as I didn't...