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  1. Priestess of the Moon for Dota map

    Priestess of the Moon for Dota map

    Priestess of the Moon in Dota 2 Style. Based on model kangyan's model: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/priestess-of-the-moon-version-whitehair.262865/
  2. Kemayo

    Highelf Huntress/Highelf Lieutenant

    Could someone please create a Highelf version of the Bloodelf Lieutenant aswell as the Nightelf Huntress? Including Icons please. I'd much appreciate the effort!
  3. stein123

    Huntress / Watcher reskin/rewrap

    Hey everybody! i was wonderin if someone could help me with a reskin request? can someone help me reskining these Night Elf models: Watcher and Derivatives Watcher and Derivatives Dismounted Huntress, using this skin: NightElfSentinel.blp, but only for the body (nor the weapons or mount :v)...
  4. DarkRanger2

    Simple Edits and creations request !

    Hello people. I am starting a new project and I need a few models, textures, and even simple edits. I think what I might ask cam be useful for future projects, but specially for my project ! I need the following things, will add a comment if I need something Else : 1 - Green fire (Small and...