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  1. urachi

    Hotkeys without changing button position

    Hello there, recently i was looking for some custom-hotkeys and found one where the buildings as well as the abilities are ordered in the raster format. The problem i have is that i don't want the basic commands such as: "move, stop, patrol, halt" etc. to swap position with the abilities. I...
  2. CafeExpresso

    WarCry!!! (Unit.Quote) With HotKey

    Well The First Thing I Should Say, It's that I Love Music, and warcraft Music Just Made Me LOVE the game more than before... But The Incredible Thng, it's that it was the first time I "favorited" Quotes! And I Would Love to Talk An Specific SOUND in every time I WANTED I Just Want To KNOW...
  3. NME Ironarrow

    Hotkey Assignment World Editor

    Hello Everyone! I'm working on a map and I wanted to know if there is a way to change the hotkeys of the items in the Hero slots from Numpad1 to Q, Numpad 2 to W and so on... I know I can change my own settings to some custom ones but i want it to be general to all the players that are playing...
  4. Tom_Almighty1

    Change inventory hotkeys (SOLVED)

    Guys I am using war3 1.31 TFT non-reforged version. Is it possible to change the hotkey of items? Lets say from numpad to keyboard numbers? Without using warkeys or other programs. Is there a txt file that I can import to make it happen?

    Where to view the code [example] of hotkeys ?

    Let me give you an example: the "hotkey code" for the Defend ability is [Adef] and for research is [Rhde]. Idk if this can be asked here but: where can I see the "hotkey code" for each and every unit/ability/upgrade etc. ? I want to set my custom keys but I'm stuck at trying to find the "hotkey...
  6. rufreakde

    [General] Ui Grid based Hotkeys

    So I saw in the reforged beta that you can set your hotkeys as „Grid“ Does this fix the custom games problems where spells/actions have the same hotkey? Did anyone test this? On my machine the Grid preset keybindings does not work somehow. Or did I miss something? ps: If so does this also fix...
  7. Xetanth87

    Easy way to change all hotkeys to fit QWER grid

    Hello! This might not be the correct place to put this in. If it isn't please tell me what is. I usually play Warcraft 3 with QWERASDFZXCV hotkeys. Because hitting Q for workers is easier than hitting P. I can't really get into custom campaigns because everything has different hotkeys and the...