1. StormKnight

    Feedback for Hive Remoosed (Beta)

    No specific order: 1 - Model viewer going full screen is a strange decision. because previously you were able to scroll around the page while doing so. and the viewer itself was nice and neat as it was imo. Suggestion: If you're going to make the viewer big, atleast take advantage of the...
  2. BrothForMyPeople

    Project Revolution files upload

    Last times I had gotten Project Revolution very old demo. I explored the mod's model files and with hard work of mine I was managed to extract and collect the best models (and textures for them of course) then I categorized them carefully. So, I am in possession of a pack of very useful...
  3. DrunkenDirt

    Hive's stance on copyrighted music in custom maps?

    I'm sure this must have been asked by someone else before me, but I've been unable to find an answer. Apologies for that in advance. I was wondering what the Hiveworkshop's stance on using copyrighted music and other material in your custom maps is? Assuming everything is credited, are they...
  4. stonneash

    Hive Friends and Hive Browser App, a suggestion.

    Suggestion: 1. Hive Friends: A chat app that has the following features: -Allows you to chat with members -Allows you to follow and unfollow memebers -Send notifications for PM/VM's 2.Hive Broswer App with the following features: -Browse resources and forums -Comment and edit posts -preview...