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high elves

  1. Daliox1

    [Solved] Icons request

    Hi Warcraft lovers ! I took a quick look on ressources, but I could not find an icon representing few factions (like Banner/flag icons). Here are the faction I'm looking for atm : Void elves, High elves, Nightbornes & Mechagnomes. Anyone could do something about it to help me ? I do not need...
  2. Dord96

    [SD/Modeling] high elven verstion of some custom assets

    hello in need some high elven verstion of some of the custom asstes there are for the blood elf in order to make my own verstion of the Scorge invation to Quel'thalas , the blood elven buildins and its icons , blood elven arcane guardian and icons , blood elven ballista and icons , blood elf...
  3. quel'dorei(AetherDude13).png


  4. WC3ScrnShot_042322_011958_001.png


    Here's the Quel'dorei Faction known as the Silvermoon Remnants. I pretty much took the idea of Scrapped Reputation Faction that was going to in Vanilla WoW but was scrapped and thanks to people who made Turtle in terms of playable High Elves. Credit goes to the Creators.
  5. High Elves - Techtree

    High Elves - Techtree

    a conjoined team effort + contributors
  6. Dord96

    [HD/Modeling] mages for humans and elves reforged

    hello everyone if you can and willing to help i ask if anyone can mages both hero and units for the reaces the use magic such as humans high/blood elf and so on in reforged becuas the creep wizerds units look to evil ro renaged to by as still part of the kirin tor or any lewfull way and and...
  7. Shadowrath

    Need 3d models for Sargerus and Kael'thas

    I am working on a mini campaign and a custom map and I need Sargerus (mini campaign) and Kaelthas (custom map)
  8. HeroGuardForest.mdx (Wip_2.1)

    HeroGuardForest.mdx (Wip_2.1)

  9. Rommel

    Heart of Storms: Resurrection

    You read that right. Heart of Storms (HoS, not to be confused with Heroes of the Storm or Heart of the Swarm) is back after 9 years spent in limbo. For those who never heard of it, the old site still works (though it barely has any info): Heart of Storms MOD As does the forum (thought it's...
  10. raco12

    [Campaign] How To Bring Turalyon to Azeroth?

    Some days ago I posted an Idea of a new campaign for Warcraft 3 TFT, Right Now, I'm actually starting to Write A History Based on the original story after TFT when arthas crown himself as the new Lich King. So i want to the comunity to help me with the protagonist of the campaing, cause i will...
  11. Syndra

    [Campaign] Fall of the Sunblessed

    Syndra Presents Fall of the Sunblessed Command the High Elves during their darkest times, as you face the brink of destruction at the hands of the Scourge. Put an end to the Amani threat, play as the new fully custom High Elven race, command the most powerful heroes of Quel'thalas in their...
  12. Syndra

    High Elf Sorceress - Model Request!

    Hi community! I'm in need of your help again. As I said on an older thread I'm making a High Elf race for my campaign. I need a Model of the WarIII RoC Sorceress but with blonde hair (I actually have a model but for some reason my World Editor doesn't load it and I don't know how to fix it, I...