heroes of the storm

  1. Nazeebo


  2. Blackheart's Galleon

    Blackheart's Galleon

    As seen in Blackheart's Bay.
  3. Captain Blackheart

    Captain Blackheart

    As seen in Blackheart's Bay.
  4. Ilarian


    As seen in the Battlefield of Eternity.
  5. Beleth


    As seen in the Battlefield of Eternity.
  6. Sanctuary Punishers

    Sanctuary Punishers

    As seen in Infernal Shrines.
  7. Fallen Ones

    Fallen Ones

    As seen at Bruiser Camps in the Realm of Sanctuary.
  8. Khazra Impalers

    Khazra Impalers

    As seen at Siege Camps in the Realm of Sanctuary.
  9. Mephisto


  10. Leoric, The Space Lord

    Leoric, The Space Lord

    Hmmm, does he remind you of another superhero? In different colors?
  11. Leoric, The Skeleton King

    Leoric, The Skeleton King

  12. Tyrael


  13. Deckard Cain

    Deckard Cain

  14. Ragnaros


    "Behold, Ragnaros!"
  15. Butcher


    "Ahhh, Fresh Meat!"
  16. Diablo


  17. Li Li Stormstout

    Li Li Stormstout

  18. Cho'Gall


  19. Elite Tauren Chieftain

    Elite Tauren Chieftain

  20. Garrosh Hellscream

    Garrosh Hellscream

  21. Arthas Menethil

    Arthas Menethil

  22. Alexstrasza Dragon

    Alexstrasza Dragon

  23. Alexstrasza Human

    Alexstrasza Human

  24. Valeera Sanguinar

    Valeera Sanguinar

  25. Sally Whitemane

    Sally Whitemane

  26. Genn Greymane Worgen

    Genn Greymane Worgen

  27. Genn Greymane Human

    Genn Greymane Human

  28. Anduin Wrynn

    Anduin Wrynn

  29. Altruistic Anduin

    [HD/Modeling] [Model Help] Anduin Wrynn (Reforged)

    I kindly request assistance with this Anduin model I'm working on. I have his M3 model file as well as his DDS texture--enhanced by me. I also have his M3A animation file, and I don't know how to attach it to his model. I can use either Blender or 3ds Max with the right add-on/plugin to import...
  30. Altruistic Anduin

    [Sound Set] Anduin Wrynn

    I have ported sound files of Anduin from Heroes of the Storm and I intend to use them for a custom sound set in Warcraft III: Reforged. I intend to bring Anduin Wrynn to the game unofficially, not following the game's lore but just for fun. They are mastered and enhanced by yours truly. This is...
  31. Oljin

    [Aeon of Strife] Black Clans War

    Black Clans War Created by Oljin Map Info: VERSION 1.2.2 The Blackrock Clan and The Black Tooth Grin Clan are at war! Choose one of 24 epic heroes from the Warcraft World and fight with your clan to destroy the enemy's Fortress! Features: 1vs1 to 4vs4 24 different Heroes to play: Assassins...
  32. BossGengar

    WHO DO YOU THINK'LL BE NEXT? And who do you want?

    I'm very excited for what's to be announced at blizzcon! I'm mostly excited about the heroes that'll be announced! These are who I want! Warcraft Kel'Thuzad Mannoroth Tichondrous Diablo Mephitso Baal Belial Deckard Cain Starcraft I don't know too many starcraft characters....:/...