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hero survival

  1. ValenPLAY

    [Defense / Survival] Arena of Ancient - Warcraft III Edition

    About Arena of Ancient is a recreation of StarCraft 2 map with the same name made by totemhokem. The main idea of the map is to pick a hero and defend yourself against hordes of infested enemies while upgrading your hero the way you find most fitting. Warcraft 3 version of the map is pretty...
  2. CodeBlack

    [Miscellanous / Other] CodeBlack´s WIP Corner

    Hey guys, Since i am working on multiple projects at once, i decided to reduce it all down to one thread. Some of those maps are in very early stages some are mostly finished; anyways... i hope you like my Ideas and have fun trying them out. Feedback, ideas, comments etc. are very appreciated...
  3. Mails_PR

    A Roguelike Project to be Tested!

    Dear people! I would like to arrange a game by hosting my project Abandon Hope if any of you use Game Ranger here. The more people, the better. The test is planned for Saturday/Sunday, but I guess we should discuss the time differences :) I do really hope that somebody has an opportunity :D
  4. Nordmar

    [Defense / Survival] Battle in Magicforest

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