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hero siege

  1. Kakorin(KvS)

    [Defense / Survival] Dreadlord Hero Defense

    Hello dear HIVE, this is my first try at a Castle Defense, the map's called Defensa de la Ciudadela / Defense of the Citadel as a WIP name bc i tried to create a simple castle defense to play with my brother, the map is currently in spanish and was made in 1.27b version, I do have Reforged but I...
  2. ravellani

    Scaling Enemy Waves

    I am making a hero siege map and at this point I am designing the enemy waves. This topic has caused some problems for me planing wise. So I have some questions: How much stronger should each wave be in terms of health and damage? I dont know how to balanced the difficulty with a consistent...
  3. ravellani

    [Solved] Weird Priest Icon

    I have a small issue. I made a hero and I wanted him to have the priests icon but in the game, the hero icon on the side of the screen is completely green. Why is this happening? I copied the fields from for icon from the priest and his icon works.
  4. ravellani

    Hero Siege map request

    My Warcraft 3 terraining is much to be desired and the project I am working on needs a map. Some simple requirements are: The map must be 320 by 320 The middle should be the 4 line area for the hero siege with walls. The space should be pretty big. The ends of the lanes should open up into a...
  5. ravellani

    Hero Siege Hero Ideas

    I am making a hero siege and I want to make all the normal melee units into heroes with 3 ability's and 1 ultimate each. I also want the ability's to go with the unit they are for, so for instance the footman might have defend. I would like ideas for the footman, elf archer, grunt, and the...
  6. FiX_

    [Defense / Survival] Mythic Realm | (Team Hero defense/RPG) 1.31+

    by MiRAGE#22424 Discord Join the Mythic Realm Discord Server! [open] WIP = Updates below in post section *This map is for the reforged version 1.32 ◊◊ Map Info ◊◊ ◊ Custom team hero defense rpg map with 8 player Focus is on teamplay but you can play on your own (difficulty auto...
  7. Superz_Ze_Man

    Upgrades! A single player defense game with unlimited upgrading possibilities

    Hey everyone! Upgrades! is a single player game I've been working on for a while now and i finally think I'm happy enough with it to share with others. You must defend against waves of Orcs and Ratlings using nothing but your soldiers, your towers, and a super soldier (hero). Nearly every...