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hero atributes

  1. Nortander

    [General] Several instances of the same hero :/

    Hello there! I have (and always had) an issue with custom heroes, where you can actually recruit several time the same one, like any ordinary unit. Before anything, I added these new heroes to the proper "Gameplay constants" sections but all it does is limiting the total number of heroic units...
  2. Jadlz

    Can your trigger (if conditions) be too long?

    Hi, as the title implies, can you have a trigger that has too many functions, in particular if conditions? I'm aware of the 1ghz limitation of memory usage, but I'm pretty sure that that applies to simultaneous actions or functions being called. But for this specific type of trigger I had to...
  3. Jadlz

    [Solved] How do I duplicate a hero's stats (in game)

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to duplicate a player's hero stats/attributes (max Hp, mana, etc) in game. I'm trying to make a custom map where the final "boss" is a copy of the hero you're playing as. Ie, the boss would have the same stats as your hero. This is just a bonus, but I'm having trouble...
  4. Captain Bacon

    [Solved] Trigger Request: Item drop system with Item generation.

    Hello everyone! So, my triggering skills are limited. I'm always stuck on triggers for hours because i just know some GUI. Some people recently told me about NewBonus and how it could help me with what I need, but I thought I'd try here before sinking days into trying to make this work and then...
  5. Augustus_Magnus

    Custom Ability

    Hello Hivers, I'm currently working on a custom hero that has an ability, Chaos, that changes the casters atributes. Level 1: +1 strength Level 2: +1 strength and +1 agility Level 3: +1 strength, +1 agility and +1 intelligence I've got so far: But I can't find a condition for the level of the...