1. Great Hall of Mordor

    Great Hall of Mordor

    You would not believe the struggle I had finding good textures for this.
  2. raging tide naga hall.jpg

    raging tide naga hall.jpg

    My personal new race map, this is the Naga hall.
  3. Nemesis_

    Workers returning to new town hall

    I am trying to experiment with long-range mining whereby: -workers walk a longer distance to the gold mine -workers return the gold to the nearest town hall structure However, it would seem that although this seems to work, once I build a new town hall further in distance(and displacement)...
  4. Shar Dundred

    Dundredian Hall of Legends

    This thread is being created and maintained in cooperation with @Ralle. It serves to give some spotlight to both old and new treasures in the Map Section. I will review maps and also post the maps and their respective reviews here to "advertise" them, giving them some spotlight. I will review...