1. pyf

    Play now for free - Half-Life Series (but only for a limited time)

    Half-Life: Alyx is coming in March 2020. To celebrate this, the previous games in the Half-Life Series are currently free to play for Steam users, from now until the day it launches. Official announcement and links: News - Play Now For Free - Half-Life Series To be clear, they are free to play...
  2. S

    Music help with high priority

    I am going to make a game and i need an original soundtrack for it. The music i need made is Half-Life themed. I'll need to make it myself so can someone guide me to some tutorials or teach me yourself? I'll say some examples of what i'm trying to copy from: Vague Voices Steam in the Pipes...
  3. S


    I'm trying to force myself to make unofficial fan game of Valve's cancelled Prospero game! What i'm planing on doing is making it a my-style and Valve-style mixed point and click adventure game. It's going to be drawn on the MyPaint drawing program and i'll add extra main characters. Fairly...
  4. Anknaton

    Zombie Headcrab Body.

    Hello! I come a possibly very desirable kind of request for some members on this forums, has we know here on HIVE we have the headcrab creatures from Half-Life, but there's no human or humanoid model that fits with the headcrabs, so I'm requesting if someone could create some nice body hosts for...