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  1. Witch is Back.

    Witch is Back.

    Someone like Bayonetta (In progress)
  2. FyreMoon Studios

    [Spell] Battleship broadside cannon fire?

    Hey everyone! I am currently working on a war ship map where you will be able to battle other ships (NPC or players) to climb up the leaderboard ladder. I'll try to add a wave system with different kinds of ships you need to sink. To my question: I am trying to create a spell that will fire...
  3. Sd.Kfz. 124 "Wespe"

    Sd.Kfz. 124 "Wespe"

    German Self-Propelled artillery of WWII. Credits to HerrDave for base models and guidance.
  4. HerrDave

    Three-Bullet Projectile

    HerrDave calls out for aid! I'm trying to make a projectile looks like three bullets flying out and striking the target one by one instead of all at once. The problem I'm having isn't the beginning of the animation, the bullets come out fine - but they strike/vanish strangely - either too...
  5. Putilov 107mm M1910

    Putilov 107mm M1910

    A reproduction of the russian field cannon, produced during the years that immediately predated the start of WW1 in the Putilov-Schneider factory of St. Petersburg. The Revolution of February in 1917 was sparked in this very factory. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirov_Plant